Tested and Inspected to the Highest Standards

Highly Skilled Test Engineers

We have a team of highly skilled Test Engineers and Technicians to ensure that each product we test meets your specifications and has been fully tested and inspected to the highest standards.

The range of tests we undertake will depend upon your products complexity and your requirements to ensure compliance to specification – this may be as simple as operational performance of the assembled product to detailed verification of individual component performance/characteristics.

Tests range from simple bench testing to complex in-process testing using a range of techniques such as Bed of Nails, Boundary Scan, and automated testing with Labview equipment. We also offer environmental and burn in testing services, which are particularly important with product validation.

Fault Diagnosis

One other very important consideration is the level of fault diagnosis and after sales servicing. For example several products manufactured by ADAPT are fully potted/encapsulated after assembly and test therefore any field failures are extremely costly and simply un-acceptable for our Customer.

Against this backdrop we have worked closely with our Customers to define and develop suitably robust test solutions that ensure maximum test coverage right through the assembly process including sub assembly testing, pre potting and post potting functional testing.

So whether your product is very simple or contains complex RF, DSP, or high speed digital we are able to help you by developing the most appropriate test strategy and implement to the best solution. Given traceability is at the heart of everything we make sure all test results can be logged and stored as part of the products data record if required.


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