Experienced Teams, Valuable Input

Attention to Detail

Prototyping is a critical part of any new product introduction (NPI) but for ADAPT it’s far more than just producing a few assemblies within tight timescales.

Yes, we have the right equipment with three lines MyData SMT lines dedicated to low volume and prototyping but at ADAPT ems we also have a huge range of experience in prototyping and NPI having been involved in literally hundreds of projects – so we know exactly how to do this well.

Collaborative Approach

A good outcome starts by involving ADAPT at the earliest opportunity in the design phase; which means a strategic selection of the CEM needs to be made earlier than is often the case. To some extent this requires a leap of faith although we hope our reputation helps here, but this means we can be involved long before the bill of materials (BOM) or PCB layout is completed providing valuable input through open and frank discussion.

Key questions we always ask are: What will the supply chain look like as the product transitions from prototype, to low volume and higher volume production? How can we ensure optimum product quality through manufacturability and an integrated test strategy?


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