A Collaborative Strategy; going the extra mile

Our client was seeking a manufacturing solution for their public transport fare payment system, including the ability of the chosen partner to support managing forecasts and direct shipping.

The product forms an integral part of an innovative platform for public transport, helping agencies move away from expensive, stagnant and closed bespoke fare collection systems by enabling the delivery of Fare Payments-as-a-Service.

Already installed in cities worldwide including New York, Denver, Boston, and the Hague, the system offers a new and better way to deliver fare payment services to agencies and passengers by enabling greater flexibility and choice supporting a range of tokens such as mobile barcodes, contactless bank cards, smart cards, paper barcodes.

The hardware manufactured by ADAPT comprises of 3 three PCB assemblies in association with EMV compliant payment circuitry plus options for Wireless and Bluetooth technology, with an LCD display and Camera module proving the user interface. The whole assembly is self-contained with custom moulded plastics and a custom printed glass front.

“More and more ADAPTs customers are looking to the CEM to support them with a “one stop” solution. This means ADAPT are effectively fully integrated within their customer’s business model – truly acting as if they were the customers own shop floor. This is a great example of how ADAPT has achieved just that, not only managing a complex supply chain with several hundred components types including bespoke drawn parts such as injection moulded plastics, display glass and not forgetting packaging, but then also manufacturing the units and providing a fulfilment service shipping from stock to a global market.” Nick Fairhead, Sales Director.

“Over our years of working together, ADAPT have proven to be an exemplary manufacturing partner. Their proactive and positive approach, experience, skill, dedication, reliability and discerning quality standard have been instrumental in the success of our product. ADAPT continues to rise to every challenge, often going over and above, such as working weekends or late into the night to support us with urgent customer requirements. It has been wonderful to work with people whose passion and commitment to our product and customers matches our own.”


Key to the success has been early involvement of ADAPT in the design stage who provided support with building fast turnaround prototypes and also invaluable input into DFM, DFT and also establishing a scalable supply chain for the plastics, printed glass and packaging.

“..this is an excellent example of how to do it right, the Customer made a strategic decision very early in the project to partner with ADAPT, this meant we then were able to have a very open and honest relationship and work together to deliver the product.” Nick Fairhead, Sales Director.