From Prototyping to Series Production

The story begins in 2019 when Adapt ems was chosen by a Cambridge based company to manufacture their newly developed portable reader for use in drug screening…..

[Whenever we ingest something, our bodies process – or metabolise – what we’ve ingested to produce secondary chemicals (known as metabolites). The reader checks for potential evidence of recent drug misuse by screening for specific drugs or their metabolites in sweat collected from fingerprints collected on special cartridges and provides a visual test result within minutes.]

ADAPT ems were chosen because as well as the pre-requisite Medical certification (ISO-13485) required for manufacturing Medical Equipment ADAPT were able to demonstrate their technical expertise, obvious passion for manufacturing and that they readily go the extra mile to ensure the product was delivered on time and on budget.

The scope of supply for the project was to deliver a fully assembled and tested boxed product that was suitable for shipping direct to end customers. This model of customer fulfilment was not unusual to ADAPT who are offering this extra level of service to an increasing number of their customers.

“From our perspective it’s great to be trusted by our customers to build the final unit and even ship finished product direct to our customer’s end customers; of course we recognise that this trust has to be earnt but because we were able to demonstrate that we are already doing this on a large scale for other customers that build confidence very quickly. It also great for the staff to get involved in product assembly where their work then takes on a different level of meaning”

“Our unique drug testing system requires an instrument built to very high medical standards. Getting such an instrument designed and manufactured is a vital part of our business. We have worked closely with Adapt to take our instrument from initial design into volume manufacture. Adapt has proved themselves to be an ideal partner for this difficult process.”


The product suited ADAPT’s capabilities perfectly encompassing all of their process from Surface Mount PCB assembly, Cable assembly, Mechanical assembly and alignment of precision optics as well as assembly, testing QC and packaging of the final unit.

Key to the success was a close working relationship between ADAPT, the customer and the design team and during the NPI phase ADAPT worked closely with all parties not only supporting the with fast turn around prototyping of PCB assemblies but also contributing to DFM and DFT of the completed product as well as helping establish the supply chain for some of the drawn parts including design of packaging.

“This project really played to our strengths as CEM, we believe we are fairly uniquely positioned in the market because as well as being 100% privately owned; which helps simply our internal decision making process meaning we can be very responsive to our customer’s requirements, we are also an engineering lead business with all the management team, including the MD being engineers by trade”