Management Reorganisation

ADAPT has taken the pro-active step in reorganising and strengthening the management team as a way to ensure that the company is able to not only achieve its strategy of growth, but also become “Partner of choice” for all the companies stakeholders.

The Senior Management Team now is organised with department heads having clear functional responsibility for the core functions including Manufacturing, Engineering, Purchasing/Supply Chain and Finance.

Contract Electronics Manufacturing is a very unique industry and although ultimately ADAPT is a service provider this actually manifests its self as a deliverable product manufactured on behalf of our customers. This actually requires ADAPT to maintain all the skills that one would traditionally find in an OEM but also ensuring that every function is underpinned with the ethos of providing “excellent customer service”. The new team, supported by Nick Fairhead Sales Director and Guy Janney Managing Director, has the brief to develop this culture and ensure a cohesive strategy, and common working practises across both sites.

This will help ensure our customers all receive the best level of service possible and will stand ADAPT in good stead as it continues to develop its position as one of the region’s leading CEMs.

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