Adding Value through DFx

In the words of the famous Bob Dylan “The Times They Are a-Changin'”.  At ADAPT ems we recognise this and have been working hard develop a more collaborative relationship with our Customers.  As a result we are able to boast numerous instances where we have added significant value to our Customers though open discussions and information sharing.

The challenge though, is how to achieve this level of interaction with new Customers.  Fundamentally there needs to be a leap of faith… however, this goes both ways.  For our part we are running a series of “Engineering Days” aimed at sharing our knowledge, built up over years of experience… both good and bad!

It’s clear that by changing the model from the traditional approach of selecting a CEM, more often than not based on comparison of two or three quotes towards making a strategic based decision based on the “right fit” paves the way for open and honest discussions to start at a far earlier stage in a product development – and its here where the real benefits are to be had.

The obvious goal is a product with the lowest price, but lowest price does not necessarily mean lowest cost.  The later benefits all the stakeholders and requires due consideration for Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test, Design for Serviceability, and often over looked but never more relevant, Design for Procurement.  Through our workshops we look at each of these in turn and share our perspective as the manufacturer, discussing some common pitfalls that ultimately erode everyone’s margin.

At ADAPT ems we are happy to share our knowledge in the pursuit of a true partnership.

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