ADAPT team achieves critical milestone for Customer

The ADAPT team celebrate with the presentation of a cake styled in the form of a Customer’s product. The cake presented by the senior Account Manager was in recognition of the hard work and effort put in by everyone to achieve a critical delivery of the first production batch.

As is normal with any first volume production run of a complex unit there were a number of wrinkles/tolerance issues that needed ironing out to hone the process and coupled with some last minute and unexpected delays in the supply chain meant that the team @ ADAPT had to pull out all the stops; burning the midnight oil to make sure the equipment was delivered on time.

This was the culmination of months of work prototyping and refining the design with input from all parties in design for manufacture, design for test and design for purchasing, and really demonstrates what can be achieved with an open and collaborative approach between a CEM and its Customers.

A massive thank you to the Team.

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